Health Insurance 

  • Group Major Medical

           We offer plans from all major health insurers and we will help you pick the best plan for you and your              employees.

  • Individual Major Medical

           For those employers who find it better for their employees to purchase their own health insurance we            will help them choose the best plan and enroll.  

Voluntary Benefits

  • Disability

    Disability plans pay an employee when they are sick or injured off the job and cannot work. Helping employees insure their paycheck is one of the most important benefits an employer can provide.

  • Life

    We offer term and whole life options with coverage ranging from $10,000 to $500,000.  Some plans are guaranteed issue and none require any physicals or bloodwork.

  • Critical Illness

    ​Critical Illness plans help your employees and their families deal with the financial hardship associated with cancer, heart attack, stroke, and other major health events.  

  • Accident 

    Accident plans pay cash directly to your employees in the event that they or a family member is injured.  Benefits include doctor's visits, emergency room, physical therapy, surgery, hospital confinement, and more.  Offering accident plans has also been shown to reduce workers compensation claims. 

  • Hospital Indemnity

    Have you had to increase your deductibles or co-pays?  Hospital Indemnity plans help employees deal with these and other out of pocket medical expenses.

  • Dental

    We offer individual and group dental plans to help your employees with the cost of their dental care.

  • Vision

    We offer individual and group vision plans to help your employees with the cost of their vision care.​

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